Glowtion Refill Pouch

Luxe Skin Glowtion Refill Pouch is a shimmering whitening lotion with SPF 50. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it revives skin, protects from sun damage, and helps to even skin tone. Get ready for a radiant glow with Luxe Skin Glowtion.

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Luxe Skin Glowtion Refill Pouch (300ml)

Shimmering whitening lotion with SPF 50
Infused with sunflower oil, black radish root extract, aloe vera extract, and 7 whitening actives
Lightweight and quick-drying, nourishes and revives skin
Gives skin a subtle shimmer in the sunlight
Protects skin from sun damage and premature aging caused by UV rays
Helps whiten and even out dark spots


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