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Facial Cleanser Special Promo Package

Luxe Collagen Lift Facial Cleanser, the perfect solution for revitalizing and nourishing your skin. This foam wash removes makeup, dirt, and oils while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. Get ready to experience firm, youthful skin with this boosting and plumping cleanser.

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Collagen Lift Facial Cleanser Special Promo Package

Our Collagen Lift Facial Cleanser Special Promo Package comes in 10 bottles of facial cleanser, making it perfect to start your business.

Luxe Collagen Lift Facial Cleanser (Foam Wash 120ml)
Effectively removes make-up, dirt, and pore-clogging oils
Infused with boosting collagen, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), and snail filtrate
Stimulates cell renewal, removes dead skin cells
Softens, minimizes pore appearance, fine lines and wrinkles
Treats acne and keeps skin firm and healthy
Leaves skin feeling refreshed and healthy”


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