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Luxe Slim Coffee Resellers Package

Luxe Slim Caffe Macchiato is perfect for those who want to slim down and whiten their skin, while Caffe Turmerico is a premium coffee that offers a range of benefits such as supporting immunity, promoting weight loss, and providing anti-inflammatory properties. Both non-acidic and keto-friendly, these coffee blends are safe for diabetics and packed with hydrolyzed marine collagen, L-Glutathione, and other nourishing ingredients.

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Luxe Slim Coffee Resellers Package

Start your business easily and affordably with our Luxe Slim Coffee Resellers Package. For only P300/box, with a minimum order of 24pcs, you’ll get a free tarpaulin to help promote your products. Choose from two flavors, Caffe Macchiato, and Caffe Turmerico, to offer your customers both slimming and immune-boosting benefits in one delicious cup of coffee.

Caffe Macchiato:
The perfect coffee blend for those who want to slim down and brighten their complexion! Infused with hydrolyzed marine collagen, reduced L-Glutathione, and slimming actives such as L-Carnitine, green coffee, Guarana, and Garcia Cambogia, this premium coffee offers numerous benefits to support your health goals.

But that’s not all! Luxe Slim Caffe Macchiato is non-acidic, keto-friendly, and safe for diabetics, making it accessible to everyone.

Here are some of the benefits of Luxe Slim Caffe Macchiato:

Appetite-suppressant to help control food cravings
Powerful antioxidant to protect against free radicals
Anti-inflammatory effect on overall health
It contains vitamins for a boost in nutrition
Aids digestion for better gut health
Burns fat to support weight loss
Reduces the appearance of cellulite for smoother skin

Caffe Turmerico:
The newest favorite premium coffee that will keep you healthy and glowing with every sip. Here are some of the benefits you can get from this delicious beverage:

Supports immunity
Prevents URTI
Ameliorates periodontal pocket depth
Prevents arthritis
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Accelerates production of skin health-enhancing hyaluronic acid
Promotes weight loss

This coffee contains turmeric, Pharma Gaba, Immuno LP20, Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, and Reduced L-Glutathione. It is also non-acidic, keto-friendly, and safe for people with diabetes. Enjoy the benefits of an immuno-boosting, glowing, and whitening coffee in one sachet.

Each box has 10 sachets, and each sachet contains 21g of powder – giving you a full 10-day supply.


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