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24k Gold Brightening Soap Resellers Package

24k Gold Brightening Soap is a luxurious soap with a blend of nourishing ingredients like Willow Bark, Papaya Extract, plant extracts, and Cherry Extract that gently exfoliate, reduce excess oil, balance moisture, and give skin a radiant, clear complexion with a shimmering glow from the 24k Gold Dust.

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24k Gold Brightening Soap Resellers Package

Our 24k Gold Brightening Soap Resellers Package comes in 10 pcs, making it perfect to start your business.

24K Gold Brightening Soap 135g
Nourishing your skin with the right combination of ingredients helps achieve a radiant clear complexion and younger-looking glow.
Packed with Willow Bark Extract and Papaya Extract that gently exfoliates and reduces excess oil that causes acne.
Infused with different plant extracts that work together to give the ultimate skin whitening and anti-aging result.
Its Cherry Extract content balances the moisture and smoothens the skin.
Lastly, its 24k Gold Dust gives the skin a shimmering and sparkling look.


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